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What is "Xpark"?

"Xpark" is a mysterious "Another Earth" where the reality and unreality will get intersected.

As a environment accommodating living species existing in various places on the earth, it is being represented realistically by combining the exhibition performance and the technology under the meticulous calculation of temperature, humidity, scent and souond.
An authentic place where guests can experience a realistic moment with your five senses through the 360-degree panoramic immersive atmosphere, other than just viewing the living species through acrylic.

The main characters will definitely be the living species over here.

One of the features of "Xpark" is presenting the mystery of living species getting evolved and adapted to individual environment by an performance about the environment through capturing its glamorous aspect on various angles. This is the one and only entertainment facility where provide a mysterious "Another Earth" to satisfy the endless "desire and pleasure of knowing" of human nature.

Introduction of Exhibition Area (Partial)

Abyss of the sea

Abyss of the sea

A mysterious space where rare living species are swimming in the darkly deep sea during the marine snow.

Rainforest Adventure

Rainforest Adventure

The ecology of tropical rain forests where a diversity of living species having great charateristics is reproduced.

Interactive Zone

Interactive Zone

An interactive zone where children can enjoy the entertainment and learn the mystery of living species in the sea at the same time.

Introduction of the exhibits

Another mysterious earth accommodating a variety of living species, "X park".

In Taiwan, there are various experience that can only be enjoyed in "Xpark", including unique living species, the fusion performance by the school of fish and music, and the extraordinary environment exhibition.

Performance by a school of Monodactylidae

The Monodactylidae that lives in warm seas is also well-known in Taiwan.Their body color is basically on silver, and can grow up to a maximum size of 30 cm long. Also, Monodactylidae has a habit to swim in groups.In "Xpark", there will be around 6,000 Monodactylidae being exhibited. An overwhelming fish herd performance by the fusion of Monodactylidaes sticking to the music.

A lively exhibition that reproduce the habitat of penguins

In the "Penguin Life", the tanks are separated individually for land field and swimming field, and those fields are connected with bridges and underwater tunnels The nesting area of penguins is originally located apart from the ocean. In this zone, the figure of penguin passing through the tunnel above the guest's head to the swimming fields for food, and going back to the land field by the underwater tunnel can be seen from this exhibition that is reproducing the living environment of penguins.

The music in this exhibition area was produced by "Joe Hisaishi", who is a composer being well-known globally.

All songs are written with fulfillment of "Fusion of Life".
By mixing such elegant music with the exhibition area having abundant characteristics, a lively experience of as-like watching a movie can be enjoyed.

Profile of Joe Hisaishi

A composer, conductor and pianist.
He began his career as an solo artist since the first album " INFORMATION" was released in 1982.
he established his own style without being limited by a single genre through the release of several albums including "Minimalism" series and "Melodiphony".
He played a role of in charging the music of anime director Hayao Miyazaki's movie from "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" to "The Wind Rises". Apart from that, he was in charged of various movie music either domestically and internationally, such as "Departure" (Youjirou Takita), "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya" (Isao Takahata) , "What a Wonderful Family! " series (Youji Yamada) and others which have awarded a certain amount of price including the Best Music Award of Japan Academy Film Prize, the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon.
As a composer, he vigorously carried out activities to pass down "modern music".

Business hours

The business hour of "Xpark" may differ due to different seasons.
The business hours from September 30 (date of opening) to August 7 are as follows.

Weekdays 10:00~21:00
holiday 10:00~22:00

Ticket price

Classificaiton Amount (NT$)
*Adult (18~64 years old)
*Those who have a student ID or health insurance card
Elementary school students, infants, and seniors
-4 years old to elementary school student / over 65 years old
Under the age of 3 free

*While purchasing a ticket,presentation of your student ID or a certificate that can confirm your age may be requested.

"Diversity and instinct of life", the concept of the logo design


The origin of all life, the sea The essence of all life, DNA It is expressed as an unique and simple design by using these 2 motifs, while structured by dots imaged as the atoms and lines imaged as the DNA, which they are both representing the "Xpark"'s experimental value and "energetic misery experience" respectively. Part of the "X" logo has no lines. The will of "Xpark" being able to evolve and grow during the environmental changes caused by times as like all living species is being hidden. An unknown experience that have ever been relished and jubilation of discovery that can be fulfilled endlessly just like the first meet with anyone at any time.